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We, Becky and I, really love our "extended family" ... our "Himmies". Would you believe that for all of my life (78 years now!), I was a "dog" man? I think that probably, most guys are. A macho thing? But oh, how I have been converted into a "true believer in "Himmies"
     Come last year, my wife said to me, "Honey, I want to get a cat". Silence.  "A cat?"  "Uh, huh, a cat. Is that o.k."??   Silence ..  [Guys, how do you answer that?] I demurred, for a time, but she showed me pictures of Himalayan cats, and I thought  ... .."If it will make her happy, who am I to say no?" 
       The first Himalayan was a female who is a variegated "SealPoint". My wife brought her home; her name all picked out "HoneyBelle". It really suits her. She's a "SealPoint". Brown ears, socks, tail, and also her face. She has a beautiful, lush, long brown tail. You'll see her picture in "Sires and Dams".
      Not too much later, Becky told me .."I think that I want to breed  kittens".  That  was the best decision we have made in years.  Watching the kitties do their thing, is far more fun than TV, any old day!  I never thought that cats were friendly.  "Himmies", raised "underfeet" are very friendly. Sure are! 
If you are looking for a cattery where you can "adopt" [buy!], an adorable "Himmie", you are really in luck. At present, we have 4 little bundles of joy, males, and bluepoint, for sale as a memorial day special, for $300. If you don't think that is speial, look on the Net, and you'll fin comparable cats selling for $700. Our usual price of 350, is already a very low price, if you want a registered CFA cat. Their registery demands to know about parentage, certified 4 generations back. Last night I saw a "Himalayan" kitten on sale for $250. Really? The ad said that the kittens were Registered by "fd&4+@@)": some unknown outfit which means nothing! She is attempting to say that her kittens were "registered" kittens. I noted her price of $250. PT Barnum said "if it looks too good to be true is, and some fools will buy it'
Our stud is a cat who is about a year and a one half old. But believe me he really knows how to "Do his thing". These kittens are part of a surprise we had: about 8 weeks ago, we suddenly had 14 beautiful babies. Three queens: 5, 5, and four kitttens. And all of them perfect and beaautiful! I can't swear to it, but that must be a record. Five kittens are not unknown, but 3 or four is normal. I guess that if wee wannted to be tangled with stud service, we could definitly say that he is a proven stud. ***I hope to put a picture here to show him soon.
I'll try to post a picture of him. He's a Blue Point, with great markings: face, socks and tail, are all "blue". And, he's CFA registered, with championship bloodlines, and so are all of our queens. They are all running around the house now, AND, .... "READY FOR IMMEDIATE ADOPTION". FOR THE SPECIAL VETERANS DAy PRICE OF <<<<<<<<   $300 (DOLLARS)

And, despite all of the canine lies, he is affectionate.  He jumps on the coffee table, and drinks my wife's water. And, at mealtime, he thinks that he has to explore what we are eating. We push him away, affectionately. Cats, as you know are curious about everything. When I sleep over, I'm likely to find him snoozing on the table beside my bed His name is "Mr. Jamison", my wife's choice. Depending on his mood, he is happy to be picked up and petted. Actually, contrary to urban myths, male kittens/cats can be as affectionate as females. He is the "Daddy"- (KING) who is our stud. And, he is friendly (friendly kittens).

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(  (302) 653-5273  ..   She goes by name Becky.

( 674-0497)  ...    I go by the name Barry

As you can easily tell, we are very partial to one breed. We breed, and raise, only Pedigreed Himalayan cats (kittens). They have championship

Are you just looking for "a cat"?
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But if you're looking for the very best breed of cat that there is ... Himalayans of course ...


This is not a cattery in which the cats are kept in cages. Our cats are pets, and they have the roam of our house.
They sleep on our bed, and snuggle up to Becky, about 6:00 A.M., purring. We are in the process of constructing for them a special "Kitty Palace", an outdoor enclosed area, which you will see later. Even the tiny kittens, as soon as possible, are held, cuddled and petted, (under the watchful eye of our Queen mother cat. You would not want a kitten bought from a pet store. They are all raised in cages. Conversely, our kittens are waited for with a sense of eager anticipation, wanted and loved from the day one, given the best attention, food, and diets appropriate for newborn kittens. It shows very well when you discover what the personality of our kittens/cats are, they are not "vain", and "unloving" ... just the opposite, they seek you out, and follow you around at times, and jump up on the couch 
to be petted, and then curl up beside you to sleep.

If you think that "Himmies" are the only real cats there are ..

        You've got that right!


Please be sure to get in touch with any comments or reactions you have to my site.

We breed, and sell, only one Breed. Pedigreed Himalayan kittens.

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